How Often Should You Replace Your Gutters?

If you’re like most homeowners, cleaning your gutters isn’t the first thing on your to-do list. However, even if you’re adamant about keeping your gutters free of debris, you have to wonder if it’s time to replace them. When it comes to gutters, there’s no simple “once every few years” answer. It all depends on the condition of your gutters.

Signs of Wear

The most effective gutters for your home have the proper covers in place. A home improvement expert can install them for you on existing gutters or recommend new ones if necessary. Without these covers, the metal is more likely to rust. Watch for excessive rust, water leaking behind the gutters or from the corners, and sagging gutters – these are the signs it’s time to replace.

Ask the Experts

If you have no idea whether or not your gutters need to be replaced, simply ask home improvement experts. Not only can they clean the gutters for you, but they can also tell you when it’s time to upgrade.

To make your gutters last longer, clean them thoroughly at least once a year. Also, talk to a gutter specialist about installing gutters made to stand up to all weather that will last longer.