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How to choose a Window based on its type of opening


Home owners should get to know about various windows and then choose one from columbus windows. There are different types of window according to opening system presented, the truth is that it is very difficult to establish a common approach, because in most cases we find that one window is called in two different ways.

We will try to describe simply the four most common types of windows according to their opening system:


Different types of windows: sliding windows, sash windows, window, hinged casement windows.


Casement windows – The casement window is probably the most common. The side jambs are assembled at the head of the top and on the sill base. The gloom is from one of the lateral axes using a system hinges attached to the racks. Despondency can be horizontal or vertical, although the most common is humility from a vertical axis.

The advantages of this type of window is that they are easily cleanable, as they are accessible from anywhere and is very impermeable to rain and heat. As main disadvantage found that this type of windows occupies a large surface when folded down hindering the placement of furniture, curtains, etc …. that may hinder the opening of the window.


Sash windows – The sash windows or suspension is used to perform a drawer frame that housed the pulleys, cables and counterweights counterweights themselves. The leaves are attached to the sides and the opening is performed by sliding. The main advantage of such windows is that it takes less space than casement windows and main disadvantage that we can not have leaves large area since increasing the weight would be more difficult to lift.


This type of windows is based on a very similar to the windows that traditionally call as sliding, the main difference with sliding windows system is that the latter slide on a horizontal axis, while the sash windows slide in a shaft vertical.


Pivoting windows – The pivoting windows are similar to casement windows, both folded down from an axis. In the case of pivoting windows shaft instead of being located on one side of the sheet, it is situated in the central part thereof. The pivoting windows, casement windows front, have the advantage of occupying less space when opened.


Sliding windows – Sliding windows have a system very similar to opening the sash windows, the main difference is that the sliding windows slide in the horizontal axis. The main advantage presented that take up very little floor space, allowing to place any furniture near the window without the risk of interfering with the opening of it, and be easier to open than the sash windows. As main disadvantage of sliding windows, we find that traditionally tended to be less tight than other windows.