I Have a Working Vacation Planned

The county government is going to pretty much insist that I take a vacation, or if I do not I will lose some of my sick days and vacation days. I have been working for the local government for nearly two decades now and over time I have accumulated lots and lots of days. I knew this one guy who retired, but before he officially did he used about two and a half months worth of vacation days and sick days. I have plenty of stuff to do and I shall start by working on the plantation shutters, which need to be painted again. Of course I do not have that much painting any more, about seven years ago I paid this guy to put vinyl siding over the trim around the windows and beneath the eaves of the house. It made a ton of sense, it did not cost that much and painting that stuff was really annoying. It is a brick facade house, so you have about five minutes of painting before you have climb down off of the ladder and move everything before you start again.

At any rate I am going to paint the shutters to start off and then I am going to take my time working on the part of the yard that borders the open scrub on the hill behind us. Obviously I do not want to have the house burn down if a wildfire comes along, although there is a real limit to what you can do. In general it is a lot better to eliminate as much fuel for the fire as it is possible to do. That is not going to do much, but I think it shall make me feel as though I have done something to make it a little less dangerous.