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Using an experienced Air duct repair contractor to clean or repair your homes air ducts


Ways to clean the air ducts

You may be very much interested to take care of your home needs and maintenance on your own. If you are Do It Yourself duct cleaner, you should know how, knowledge and patience to do it perfectly. But keep in mind that if you want to do air duct cleaning you cannot do it complete do-it-yourself job. The air duct cleaning companies have specialized equipment, tools and disinfectant which can easily reach your entire air duct system. You vacuuming and cleaning the registers and vents will limits the dust particles but you need a professional for serious cleaning.
You need the tools in hand such as screw driver, heavy duty gloves, face mask, cleaning brush, some rags, vacuum cleaner with hose piece extension and flash light. Remove the duct covers and brush the filters to clean them. Then wipe away the dirt with rags. The pressure of the vacuum cleaner could damage the walls, so don’t use vacuum cleaner on the walls. The inside ducts can be vacuumed out using the extension hose. Using the hose reach the inside of the duct as much as you can to remove the dust and other allergens. Wipe the duct covers with damp rag and screw them perfectly.


Different types of duct work solutions

The indoor air that you breathe can become more polluted than outdoor because the air trapped inside allows contaminants to accumulate.  The air duct cleaning companies recommend cleaning air ducts once in 3 to 5 years or more frequently to reduce the contaminants and pollutants in the air.

Many allergy sufferers have reported that having the air ducts cleaned can lead to reduced allergy symptoms and clean air. The Environmental protection Agency recommends to carry out air duct cleaning if the following symptoms exist:

  • Substantial quantities of mold growth is visible within the heating ducts or present in the home HVAC systems
  • Rats, mice and insects have infested the duct system
  • Excessive amount of debris or dust clog the duct system releasing the dust into the home through the vent registers

The three common problems of air duct that require repair are poor design, poor insulation and leaks. Redesigning, insulating and sealing the air ducts can bring solution for effective functioning of air ductwork.


Things to look for while hiring Air duct cleaning services contractor

The HVAC experts say that the consumers should thoroughly vet any air duct cleaning services contractor they hire, because poor work can degrade the lifespan of the furnace or damage the air ducts. By hiring the best in class air duct services Phoenix you will be able to clean and maintain your air ducts in good condition.

References: Ask for previous customers, follow-up of those clients.

Licensing requirements:  Check whether they have proper license in your city or state to carry out the air duct cleaning services.

Experience: Look for a contractor who have at least 5 years of experience in the air duct services

Training and certifications: The contractor should have at a minimum the certification by the manufacturers of the tool or equipment they use.

Guarantee: Get ensure whether the contractor stands behind its work in writing.