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How to repair a pool? Importance of using a trusted Pool repair


This is the perfect time to prepare a new pool season month. For this we see the state you’re in and repair any damage that can be operated with the difficulty or structurally damage if we return to fill with water. Maintenance is a work that we must devote several days to do it with patience, but grateful to have finished before the season officially begins pool and heat that calls a deserved dip.

When repairing and painting a pool must be clear what type of product previously used, as there are 3 types of paints and not all are compatible.

Painting Pool open: is special for not waterproofed concrete pools or fresh plaster, as it works as curing membrane. It is vapor permeable and impermeable to water and seal the capillary permeability of walls and floors.

Chlorinated Rubber paint: pool used concrete and fiber cement, even in other areas such as gutters or braces that are in high humidity environments. It is completely waterproof and prevents the formation of fungi and algae.

Selective paint Waterproof: is the only one compatible with the other 2 types of paint can be applied over concrete pools already painted or stucco. It has high durability, low odor, fast drying and antifungal.


If the pool was full, you must drain and let it dry before making any repairs.

Remove loose paint

With the spatula to remove the loose paint. Liking cracks hitting them with the tip of the spatula. It’s about letting the crack completely visible without painting.


Pass the orbital sander to gently buff the walls and floor of the pool. The idea is to only remove loose paint.


When sanding is necessary to use mask and safety glasses to avoid breathing dust.

Clean pool

With the broom sweeping the bottom and walls of the pool to dust.

Hosing to get the sunscreen remains stuck last season.

Sealing cracks and pelones

With the same paint for pool to be used afterwards it is necessary to seal the cracks and hairless left after passing the spatula and the sander. It is a way to seal the concrete remains in view.


Let the paint dry between 12 and 24 hours.


Cover the cracks and imperfections (which are sealed with paint) with Pasta pool, a mastic applied with a spatula or trowel.
Be generous in the application as it is very important that all the cracks remain well covered.


For deeper cracks or imperfections and large (greater than 5 mm) using Putty an elastic paste that is applied with a spatula and then smoothed by passing a brush with thinner. If the crack is smaller just simply let your Pasta pool.

Though the above tips look to be feasible the best option would be to hire a pool repair Glendale AZ and understanding the importance go for using a trusted pool repair company.


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