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The advantages of Epoxy flooring


In the last few years, the epoxy floors have emerged to be in use for flooring in most of the continuous pavement areas and the reason for this is the epoxy flooring has an advantage that they do not carry together what makes them totally impermeable and anti dust . In the joints of the old pavements could be put all type of dirt, dust or bacteria. In addition it is necessary to emphasize that the continuous pavements epoxy are very comfortable and above all economic.

Every support or concrete has expansion joints, which can be in motion or stopped. In joints with movement, should receive a special treatment to avoid cracking and the most effective treatment is, once installed the pavement, must be cut and filled with an elastic epoxy that has qualities similar to those of the resin floor .

This will prevent, for example, that in places where many trolleys or trolleys circulate if the joints are not properly treated, undesirable holes and cracks often occur.


What is the major advantage with using epoxy flooring?

If we have industrial resin flooring we will not have the problems that we can assume the concrete and other materials. The continuous pavements epoxy resin are strong and aesthetic. In addition they are three times more resistant than the common concrete, besides being more resistant to the water than other floors.

In addition , epoxy resin floors are also durable, hygienic surfaces that are easy to clean and are usually installed in industries, hospitals, cynics, schools, offices, garages and even in homes.

The continuous pavement epoxy is not typical floor tiles created with glued but is formed by a set of layers which extend to form a single smooth and jointless surface to be very comfortable for applications have indicated.

The continuous pavements epoxy resin are usually used for rooms that need to remain permanently clean such as those of hospitals and particularly for hygienic surgical wards. These are clean rooms that must have perfectly controlled the level of pollution, temperature, humidity, particulate matter, dust …

They are also used in places dedicated to the production of pollution-sensitive equipment or materials or in laboratories for scientific research. Also the epoxy resin surfaces are installed in laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry.

All health-related activities must keep in mind that all health hygiene requirements must be met . The flooring epoxy resin provide an environment free of dust creating a Clean Room environment.


Reasons to carpet the home and things to remember during new carpet installation


Reasons to Carpet the house

1. Cost / benefit

There is a myth that the carpet is an expensive product. Perhaps it was true before when wool and jute were the most used in the manufacture fibers. However, with the technological advances of synthetic fibers, carpets today are the most economical and elegant for coating the floors options.

2. Variety of styles

The beauty and versatility of carpets are a popular choice among architects, designers, decorators and property owners. In addition, softness, elegance and comfort make the perfect carpet for all areas of the house siding.

3. Less dust

The carpets have excellent properties to retain dust. According dust is deposited between the fibers is retained until it is sucked and completely eliminated from the environment. So in carpeted environments much less dust in the air in places covered with hard floors.


Things to do for new carpet installation and maintenance

The main fear of people when thinking about purchasing a rug is on cleaning and maintenance, this makes opt for conventional or wood floors. But have carpets at home is not as complicated as it seems and can be done without investing much time or money. And when you get the carpet installation Baldwinsville NY done by professionals there is absolutely nothing to worry.

Another myth about carpets is on alleged allergies that occur. But did you know that this is totally false and yet can bring health benefits?

Currently we spend more time indoors breathing particles in the air, so we tend to get sick of asthma and / or problems related to the respiratory tract. To protect your health and your family is much better to have carpet compared to other hard surfaces such as ceramic, wood, laminate flooring, cement, and so on.

It is important to know that a clean, dry, well maintained carpet improves air quality, as it traps and immobilizes potential allergy-causing particles.

Texture of carpet should be of expressive character depends on the curl arising from tissue; either shaved or prepared at different levels, knotting uniform or combined, combining design and shaved terry fabric is essential for stunning decorative effects and special qualities for different types of use that each rug offers detail.

1. Take into account the characteristics of space on your art new floor. If you can install carpet over the existing one, you save a lot time. e a flat easy maintenance.

2. Consider how busy is the space, the frequency of cleaning agents that will be exposed (moisture, water, sun), before choosing the degree of resistance.

3. Both dark and light tones, provide an elegant style. If you have a small space, we recommend a light-colored carpet give you the feeling of spaciousness.

4. If you decide on the rugs , get the beauty of the natural material, and a long duration. If you choose to put rugs in bedroom or living room, they bring warmth to these spaces.

5. Putting carpet over the ceramic or tiles are not recommended for bedrooms because very cold is the material.


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