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Natural & Artificial Grass landscapes – Which one is better for your home ?


Some of the popular reasons why people especially home owners and even Schools are using artificial grasses are they help in saving water and maintenance is very easy. To be in particular, schools and colleges are also laying new artificial grass playgrounds, tennis courts, sports courts and in other play area as artificial grasses helps them in saving gallons of water which otherwise is required on a daily basis to water the natural grass.

Also, Natural grass landscapes are difficult to manage and can wither off easily if proper watering and weeding is not done. Artificial grasses requires no watering, it easy to clean and is durable for a long time to come. Easy on your budget and good environment – artificial grass is the best option for your backyard.

There are basically three types or styles of artificial grasses – Bermuda, Fescue and Super Bermuda and this classification is based on their thickness, length, strength and color. The main advantages of artificial grasses are their low maintenance, UV resistant, highly durable, anti-aging and above all comes with years of pro-rated warranty.